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Of the Heart Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Of the Heart

Long-time digiPETE client, Of the Heart has stuck around long enough to put 20 candles on their anniversary cake. How many storefront companies can say that?

But week in and week out, Gretchen and Beverly put their heart and creativity to work greeting customers, responding to web inquiries, putting out mailers and hosting cardmaking workshops. There's more, but you get the picture.

Gretchen and Beverly are an inspiring example of dedication, good business sense and a strong positive reputation. And, a genuine passion for their art, which also happens to be a great market to be in. Cardmaking and Scrapbooking is a hands-on craft that enjoys world-wide popularity. A large section of their social media outreach strategy is in Europe and Australia. It's a good thing their eCommerce solution supports international orders.

This year also marks the 5th year of a strong positive relationship between Of the Heart and digiPETE. From the beginning we connected well and built on our ideas. It's been fun and it's been an education for me. But mostly, it's been fun!

Congratulations to Gretchen and Beverly, and all the crew at Of the Heart, near the Big Lemon, in Lemon Grove California.